CSF Auto Unblocker

What This Script Do?

CSF Auto Unblocker allows you to quickly and easily unblock ip's from your firewall which have been blocked throughout the day, week, month or year but have not yet been unblocked.
It does at times happen that a client get's blocked, and their IP changes before they're unblocked so now the IP is just left there, At one point another client then get's that IP, and sit with the issues.

This script aims to solve that problem!

You can now set a schedule to automatically remove ip's from certain countries, Countries you trust or strings matching rules.
This means you can finally keep your CSF IP's clean, Less hassle... Less complaints... More Client Retention!

New Feature:
We also now maintain a "Graylist" of user's who have authenticated recently in your server's Exim/IMAP, and then exclude those recently authenticated users from being blocked in CSF.
In our tests, this has caused a 60%-80% decrease in email related support requests!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, If you run CSF you should be able to run the automatic unblocking

Allow Client's To Unblock Themselves With Google's Recaptcha V3!

CSF Recaptcha V3 will lessen the load on you to unblock clients even further! Have a look at it and let us know what you think!